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Today is Thursday, day of Jupiter

Zodiac circle

Moon in Aries, 13° 23'Nakshatra BharaniHindu Month: ChaitraTritiya, Sukla Paksa (3 lunar day waxing Moon)More info →

* Dates are accurate for Moscow region only and may vary depending on your geolocation.

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Nearest ekadasi in my area

5 April
Kamada Ekadashi
7 April *

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JMC Databank

30 March
Van Gogh, Vincent
164 years
from birthday
31 March
Gore, Al
69 years
from birthday
2 April
Andersen, Hans Christian
212 years
from birthday
3 April
Brando, Marlon
93 years
from birthday
7 April
Coppola, Francis Ford
78 years
from birthday
8 April
Golovkin, Gennady
35 years
from birthday
9 April
Hefner, Hugh
91 year
from birthday
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