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Today is Thursday, day of Jupiter

Zodiac circle

Moon in Taurus, 4° 27'Nakshatra KrittikaHindu Month: JyeṣṭhaAmavasya, Krisna Paksa (0 lunar day waning moon)More info →

* Dates are accurate for Moscow region only and may vary depending on your geolocation.

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Nirjala Ekadashi
5 June *

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JMC Databank

25 May
McKellen, Ian
78 years
from birthday
29 May
Kennedy, John F.
100 years
from birthday
30 May
Fredriksson, Marie
59 years
from birthday
31 May
Eastwood, Clint
87 years
from birthday
1 June
Monroe, Marilyn
91 year
from birthday
1 June
Henin, Justine
35 years
from birthday
3 June
Nadal, Rafael
31 year
from birthday
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