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Chandra is waxing : 24 Makar 1

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Muhurta auto-calculation: guidelines and examples


This service is not free. You must have a positive muhurta balance to be able to create calculation tasks.

On our project, there is a unique opportunity to find an auspicious moment (muhurta) using an automatic search system and report generation.

All you have to do is choose the time interval for which you want to find the distribution of auspiciousness and the horoscope, the owner of which will perform the planned activity. The report will be available for analysis within a few hours, and the results are presented in three forms (table, graph, calendar) with the ability to filter, sort, group and export to PDF.

• Input data for calculation •

• Results page: table view •

• Results page: graphical view •

• Results page: calendar view •

Important! The process will take some time (up to several hours). Upon completion of the calculations, you will receive an email with a link to view the report and analyze the results.

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