Jyotish Maha Charts

Dhanu bhava - House of wealth

The 2nd house corresponds to an earth sign and is therefore a house of artha (wealth).

Wealth, money, family life, domestic happiness, knowledge, speech, poets, orators, imagination, face, timidity, confidence, mouth, tongue, vision, jewelry, dress, education, educators, food, falsehoods, truthfulness, foul language, charity, right eye, neck, throat.

The second house is known as dhana bhava, or house of finances. It also rules several other important matters. A person's imagination and speech are noted from this house. Speech includes oratorical ability. Also, one's domestic life is affected by this house, since it is the chief significa-tor of family.

The 2nd house creates poets, bankers, educators, and orators.

The lord of the 2nd is considered to give neutral results to the house it occupies. Therefore it neither enhances nor harms that house unless by its benefic or malefic nature, sign placement, or aspect.

The karaka, or indicator, of the 2nd house is Jupiter.

Ретроградный хозяин 2-го дома — человек родился в семье, с которой он был связан в прошлых воплощениях, по крайней мере с родителями, или ему нужно решить какую-то кармическую задачу, связанную с ними. Также это говорит о каких-то привычках в питании и речи, укоренившихся с прошлой жизни.

Source: «Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer» by James Braha