Jyotish Maha Charts

Rahu in Asvini nakshatra

The owner of the horoscope will be reasonable, have a strong physique and a noticeable mole on his face. He will receive timely help from senior people or bosses, and will love his father very much. If Rahu in this quarter is aspected by malevolent planets, frequent accidents are possible.
Interest in religious traditions and other countries, frequent change of plans and intentions, poverty and some deviations in the psyche.
This position is unfavorable for Rahu — extreme poverty, lack of interest in any activity, eccentricity, problems and unhappiness from a marriage partner are noted.
The owner of the horoscope will be slender, brave, energetic and self-confident. Digestive diseases are possible. If the Sun aspects Rahu, the person is lucky and responsible. It is interesting to note the characteristic feature of such a standing of Rahu — in the most difficult moments of the life of the owner of the horoscope, there is always someone who helps him.