Jyotish Maha Charts

Guru in Purva Bhadra nakshatra

The owner of the horoscope will be born in a simple family, but thanks to his own efforts, perseverance and sincere dedication to the cause, he will achieve great professional success. Perhaps he will become a surgeon, teacher or philosopher. If Venus is in the 4th quarter of Chitra and Jupiter is here, the marriage partner will be a doctor or pharmacist. Medically speaking, Jupiter in the 1st quarter may indicate lumbago.
This position of Jupiter speaks of the possibility of achieving success in jurisprudence and becoming quite famous in their field. If the Sun is located in Ashlesh, the owner of the horoscope after 45 years will go into politics and reach a high position.
Family happiness, good wealth. The owner of a horoscope can get an education in one area, and work in a completely different one.
Jupiter in this quarter speaks of a career as a financier, industrialist, government official, or scientist.