Jyotish Maha Charts

Buddha in Revati nakshatra

Wit, prudence, love of risk, propensity to learn languages.
If Jupiter aspects Mercury, the owner of the horoscope will have a sober and calculating mind. He will be prudent, wise, inclined to philosophy. He will be able to shine as a writer or journalist.
Cunning and deceit. A horoscope owner can become a highly qualified lawyer. Wealth will come from the side of the marriage partner. However, he will lose everything in court divorce. If two or more malevolent planets aspect or conjoin with Mercury in this quarter in a man's horoscope, he can cause the death of his wife.
The horoscope owner can work in a government organisation. If Mercury is connected with Mars, a person will be professionally connected with technology, if with Venus — he will have many trips to foreign countries, if with Jupiter — a high position in a government organisation and a political career is predicted.