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Understanding and setting up the astrological software

  1. The horoscope calculated in another astrological program does not match with what I get on this web site. Why?
  2. The longitude of Rahu / Ketu is different from is calculated in other astrological programs. Why?
  3. Sunrise / sunset times do not match what the weather sites show. Why?
  4. The start and end dates of the periods (dasas) are different on this site and in another astrological software. Why?
  5. The ruling deities in divisional charts do not coincide with those in another astrological program. Why?
  6. Shadbala results are different on this site and in another astrological software. Why?
  7. In Panchang, the start and end times of Tithi are calculated only approximately. Why?
  8. In my horoscope, Saturn is in Sagittarius and the program shows that he is an enemy there, although this is a neutral sign for him. Why?
  9. In my horoscope, the Arudha of the 1st house is in the 1st house, although according to the rules it should be in the 10th house. Why?
  10. In my horoscope, the ruler of the day of the week is Venus, although I was born on Saturday at 2 am. Why isn't Saturn the ruler of the day?
  11. In my horoscope, the Sade-Sati period lasts more than seven and a half years. Is this a mistake?
  12. In my horoscope, the function «When will Lagna change?» works incorrectly. Why?
  13. Does the program support Surya Siddhanta calculations?
  14. Can I be sure that the automatic time zone detection is working correctly?
  15. My maps do not appear in parametric search results. Why?
  16. Can I download the program for offline use?
  17. Is there a mobile app?
  18. Is it necessary to translate the date of birth into the Gregorian calendar to calculate the horoscope with a date of the 15th century?
  19. How to understand the colour mapping in charts like planet red / green / blue etc.?
  20. Does the program calculate upagrahas (Mandi / Gulika), special Lagnas, Pranapada, Kunda, Bhrigu Bindu and trans-Saturnian planets?
  21. I can't find how to make a complete transcript / interpretation of my horoscope.
  22. I know my time of birth up to a second precision, however some techniques give a negative result on the «Rectification» tab. Is this a software bug?
  23. The names of the planets and signs are displayed in Sanskrit. How can I change them to the familiar English ones?
  24. There is a planetary war in which Mars defeats Mercury in my horoscope, although other astrological programs show the victory of Mercury. Is this a calculation bug?

Account and payment

  1. What are the benefits of registration and paid subscription?
  2. I didn't receive a letter to complete my registration. What should I do?
  3. Subscription did not renew after payment was made. What should I do?
  4. The password recovery email contains a password, but it does not work. How to fix it?
  5. Is it possible to increase the quota for storing horoscopes?
  6. I want to change my name (nickname), but the field is not editable. Why?
  7. Is it possible to pay via bank transfer for Ukraine residents?
  8. I have a promo code. How can you activate it?
  9. Can I get a refund for the unused subscription period?
  10. Can I switch from Amber tier to Emerald and vice versa?
  11. My subscription ended the other day. Today I decided to extend it. I payed for Amber tier, but then decided to upgrade to Emerald one. However, I did not see there an opportunity to pay the difference between Emerald and Amber tiers for a year period. The amount is always higher. Why?
  12. Upon completion of registration, I do not have a trial period. Why?
  13. Can I permanently delete my account?
  14. I accidentally deleted my account. How can I restore it?

Donation and project contribution

  1. How can you make a donation?
  2. How can you make a contribution to the project?
  3. What are karmic points? And where can I know how many I have?

Affiliate program and website widgets

  1. I want to add the ability to calculate horoscopes on my web site. What should I need to do?
  2. Can I embed a Panchang widget on my website?

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